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CMA Rule Books

Sport Code 2022

Applies to All Disciplines

Rule Book 1

Contains Dirt Track, Speedway, Road Racing and Ice Racing regulations.

Rule Book 2

Contains CC/Enduro, CC/Hare Scrambles, CC/Traditional, Trials, Motocross, Stadium Motocross/Arenacross/Supercross, Snowmobile Cross Country, and Supermoto regulations.

TRIALS RIDERS PLEASE NOTE:    In the case of a Trials series tie, whether, National, provincial, or regional, of two events, or greater.  Riders tied on championship points at the end of a series, will be decided on the greatest number of cleans throughout the entirety of the series.  If still tied after the total number of clean scores, then the rider with the most “one” point scores throughout the entire series shall be deemed the winner.  If still tied, then the rider with the most, “two” point scores, throughout the series, shall be the winner, etc.  If a tie on sections scores can not decide a champion, then the rider with the best score the longest, starting at the beginning of the series, shall be the winner of the Trials series.

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