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Canadian Motorcycle Association

Encouraging & Developing Motorcycling

Since 1946

About the CMA

The Canadian Motorcycle Association was founded in 1946 and incorporated federally as a Not for Profit in 1957. We are Canada’s National Association for motorcyclists, and are proud to be celebrating 75 years of service to our community.

Since 1950 we have been affiliated with the World Governing Body, Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and are responsible to oversee their interests in motorcycling and snowmobiling throughout Canada.

The CMA, together with its sister federation, American Motorcyclist Association, is a founding member (1998) of FIM North America, a continental body of the FIM.

CMA members have interests in all aspects of motorcycling from road riding to racing and trail riding.

CMA affiliated clubs and promoters organize sanctioned activities in all disciplines.

The CMA is managed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the members. A professional staff carries out the day to day management which includes maintaining communication with various government and other agencies with respect to motorcycling issues. Local Regions, where established by the Board, coordinate CMA grass roots activity.

The CMA board and staff are assisted by a vast army of volunteers who contribute their expertise and enthusiasm to organizing and working at events, and keeping CMA informed about safety, legislative and land use issues which can affect the motorcycle community in Canada.




To encourage and develop motorcycling for the benefit and enjoyment of its members.

In pursuing our Mission, the CMA values:

the overall well being of the participant

fair play and equity in the pursuit of excellence

responsible use of motorcycles in society

Founded in 1946, the CMA is dedicated to advancing the sport of motorcycling in Canada

Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
(Since 1950) 
 FIM North America

(Since 1998)
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