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Gearing Up Training Course

Proudly Serving the Hamilton Area for over 20 Years!

Learn to Ride & Prepare for the M2 License with Gearing Up Training Course

About the Course

Beginning with the basics of balancing and braking, you will move through straight line riding, shifting and stopping and into curves, turns, simulated traffic situations and emergency maneuvers.


The emphasis during the practical training, and in the classroom, is on proven defensive driving techniques to keep you safe and confident.


The course concludes with a self evaluation and the Ministry of Transport approved M2 licensing test.

In order to participate riders MUST first obtain a M1 License (written/eye test) prior to registering for the M2 Course.

CMA currently provides two-wheel training in the Hamilton, Ontario area. 

Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Program

Preparing students to be safe & confident riders

Students provided training motorcycles for course

Practical rider training with an emphasis on defensive driving techniques

Learn from experienced & certified instructors 

Recognized by all levels of government & includes M2 licensing test.

Request your spot in a Gearing Up training program

Gearing Up Course Details 


$530.00 * (Taxes included)

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates receive a 1 year complimentary CMA membership which may entitle them to a discount on insurance.

*Starting in 2015 the Ontario Ministry of Transportation is charging a processing fee of $20 per student. It has been included in our registration fees.


Applicants must be 16 years of age or over and possess a valid Ontario Ministry of Transportation M1 License. This special license is a 90-day permit to ride a motorcycle (with certain limitations) and is issued by the MTO upon successful completion of a written test.

Please Note:  You must hold your M1 License before actually booking the course.  Spots cannot be held, even with your offer of payment, if you do not already have your M1.

When registering for the course, you must provide your driver’s licence number and the spelling of your name, exactly as it appears on the licence. Without this information, we are unable to enter you in the MTO data system.


Beginning in 2024, “Gearing Up” course participants (to get their M2 licence) will need to register with the SkillsPass website to receive their Gearing Up Certificate from the Canada Safety Council.  Students will receive a link by email after passing the course, and upon completing the SkillsPass profile, will have their certificate emailed to them.

  • The 2024 M2 Course will begin running on the weekend of April 6, 2024, with the webinars beginning on April 5, 2024. The course will run most weekends until the end of October. Please contact us for current availability.

  • Course includes one classroom session and two riding sessions.

  • Courses run rain or shine!

Friday: Classroom Session (Webinar)

Time  6 pm – 9 pm

Saturday and Sunday:

Time 8:30 am – 5 pm



On site in Stoney Creek (Details provided at time of registration)



  • Your Valid M1 Permit

  • Helmet (approved for road use)**

  • Full coverage leather gloves (must have fingers) **

  • Boots above ankle with sturdy soles (NO running shoes) **

  • Jacket (denim, leather or other durable material) **

  • Sun block is recommended

(** Decision on whether gear is acceptable is solely at the discretion of the senior instructor)


One retest may be available, at no charge. This must be at a time convenient to the Instructor and within one year of taking the original course.



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