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Membership Information

The Canadian Motorcycle Association is Canada’s national representative for motorcyclists.

Membership Information

The Canadian Motorcycle Association is Canada’s National representative for motorcyclists. Its membership consists of individual enthusiasts who carry full voting rights and affiliated clubs, registered promoters and Corporate Members without voting rights.

CMA Structure

  • Individual Members: may present their ideas through their local club or directly to the National Office.

  • Clubs: may represent their ideas and views to the National Office.

  • Regions: may be established by the Board of Directors.

  • National: a Board of Directors consisting of Regional Representatives and Directors at Large is responsible for policy.

Why should I join the CMA?

  • Information source for activities at Regional, National and International levels.

  • Representation to all levels of government and other bodies affecting motorcycle legislation.

  • Media contact to present the positive side of motorcycling.

  • Fraternal relations with motorcycle associations throughout the world and representation on international committees through the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and FIM North America.

  • Trade support of CMA programmes.

  • Assistance to clubs organizing activities.

  • A full time staff working to serve your interests.

  • Insurance coverages for specialized needs of motorcyclists – updated annually.

  • Benefit Programmes exclusive to CMA members.

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Enthusiast Membership
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