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Trial des Nations 2023

September 8 - 10, 2023 – Auron, France. The Canadian Motorcycle Association would like to make a call to all interested Canadian Trials riders, Advanced level and up women, and Expert level men.

The 2023 Canadian TdN team will be composed of 3 – women, 3 – men, 2 - 4 minders (2 minders per women’s, and men’s teams), 1 – Assistant Manager, and 1 – Manager.

This event highlights teamwork and a team atmosphere. We would like to comprise a team that is able to work together and help raise the level of all members of Team Canada. If you have sent a letter of intent in 2022, you will not be required, to submit again, unless you wish to highlight aspects of your season/career. If you are new to the application process, please utilize the below talking points.

  • Results, standings in National, International, and, or other signature trials events and championships. Over the past 5 - 10 years.

  • 2023 CMA membership number, or application included.

  • What would you like to achieve in this World Championship?

  • How would your club and Trials community benefit from your inclusion?

  • Contact information for follow up phone call by team management.

  • Minder suggestions, if you have one. Only 2 minders/team.

  • Motorcycle plan and availability for yourself, minders, and managers.

  • Active Canadian Passport.

New in 2023 – All interested riders send your 2023 CMA member number and a quick note to the CMA head office that you are interested in being considered. No deposit required. The selected team members will be required to submit a $500 deposit to the team, to begin the application process immediately.

We also ask that all riders and team be able to carry themselves in good standing and represent the CMA, and support of other motorcycling groups and sponsors that graciously assist our Trials team in a positive light.

New in 2023 - A good faith rider contract, that all parties involved with the team in an official capacity, be required to sign. Regular meeting and communications within the team will be expected, along with a social media presence to represent yourself and the 2023 team.

Please be aware that entry regulations and criteria, is far beyond the reach of the CMA and will be dictated, by French legislation, or any connecting countries that you enter during your trip, including your re-entry into Canada. Be prepared to comply with all travel regulations.

Application deadline: February 22, 2023

Team selection date: To Follow

Letters of Intent should be sent to:

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