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Thierry Lacombe – A far travelled rider

FIM Press Release 09/30/2022

Thierry Lacombe at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy-Terra Única - Santiago Do Cacém (Portugal) © Nuno Laranjeira

They come from far and wide. Some hoping for medals and success, others simply wanting to enjoy the event, reunite with old friends and be a part of the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy (EVT). Some come from further afield than others!

Canadian rider Thierry Lacombe is without doubt one of the furthest travelled at this year’s event. Riding a 1975 250cc CanAm – a bike made in Canada – Thierry is no stranger to riding in Portugal, and no stranger to the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy.

“Portugal’s a beautiful country, we rode the event the last time it was in Portugal, in the Algarve, and we decided to come back to Portugal. We pretty much do the event every year if we can, so we’re here for good times and good riding. It’s a great event, it’s just a bonus that this year it’s in such a great country.

“There is a vintage enduro scene in Canada. It’s not big but it is growing slowly. Those of us that are into older bikes have the same disease as those from other countries that also like vintage bikes – we have many bikes and spend a lot of time enjoying them.

“The motorcycle I’m using in this year’s event stays permanently in France, at a friend’s house. The bike came over a few years ago with bikes from Canada going to the ISDE, and now it stays at my friends. The bikes are already old, so they don’t get old. Keeping them here works out great. My friend brings the bikes to the event and myself and other riders from Canada fly in.

“What do I expect from this year’s event? I expect a lot of fun. It’s a terrain that we’re not used to riding on. It’s dry and dusty here, which we don’t have at home. I don’t expect to be one of the top riders, but we have a three-rider team here, so anything can happen. It’s not about the result, the cool part of it for me is that I get to race the bikes that I couldn’t afford to ride when I was young.”

2022 FIM Enduro Vintage trophy schedule

  • 30/09 (Friday): 2 laps with 65 km (3 special test/lap)

  • 01/10 (Saturday): 2 laps with 70 km (3 special test/lap)

  • 02/10 (Sunday): Final MX and Prize Giving Ceremony

FIM Press Release9/30/2022

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