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Congratulations Canadian ISDE Team

Final results show Team Canada in 7th place out of 20 world-class teams. Plus they won the Watling Trophy for best performance. This is a phenomenal result and we are so proud of the team and the managers. Congratulations!!!

While, Tyler Medaglia, Kade Tinkler Walker and Jared Stock are our heroes and did a fantastic job, Philippe Chainé continued riding even though he was seeing double at times, with his eye injury and a very swollen ankle he is also a hero.

Had he dropped out of the Six Day at any time we would have lost quite a few places and the Watling Trophy. Thank you Philippe.

Thank you to all Team Canada Members/Volunteers who gave up their holidays to support Team Canada along with the following. Team Coordinators/FIM Delegates

Rene Turner

Lee Fryberger

Assistant Manager

Mario Jakowski

Logistics Manager

Jeff Pilon

Thank you Michel Falardeau for your updates.

ISEDIA: Canada rocks out on the last day! Watling Trophy and 7rd place


On Friday, Canadian riders were worn out of their first five days of racing,

and announced a quiet last day on the motocross circuit.

But it was wrong knowing them! Apart from Philippe Chainé, pure endurist,

our other three riders are also pros in motocross. And as soon as they saw

the gate, their blood only went for a spin. Forget about the right resolutions,

the racers put the gas on!

Tyler Medaglia finished 3th in the MX event in E2! A whole performance!

On his side, Jared Stock won the holeshot in E3 on his powerful KTM 500

EXC and took 10rd place on arrival.

The good news continued as the Canadian team received the Watling

trophy for best performance.

A beautiful recognition that rewards the four riders, including Philippe

Chainé who ran his most painful ISDEs, between his head injury received

in July and his stride ankle during ISDEs.

The Quebec champion could have chosen the ease and gave up. But he

bravely kept going, not to take points away from the team. 7nd position and

Watling Trophy are truly deserved by all team members!

As for Michel Falardeau, don't worry about him, he had obligations to

represent Canada with the Cantal and French team.

We imagine a big banquet as in the final pages of Asterix and Obelix.

He will come back to give us his thoughts a little later.

Good news, he passed a PCR test and will be able to fly on Monday.

Thanks to him for bringing information from the inside out.

This edition will remain engraved in the head and history with this

prestigious Watling Trophy, proof of the bravery and skill of this team,

composed of Tyler Medaglia, Philippe Chainé, Jared Stock and Kade

Tinkler Walker.

Text by Fran oisois Cominardi helped by Michel Falardeau. Team photo

and trophy by Mario Jakowski.


The Canadian team continues to make a remarkable performance standing in 7th place out of 20 teams on Day 2.

The Canadian Motorcycle Association extends our deepest sympathy to the family of friends of Arnold Staal – rider #901 – from the Netherlands who passed away during the Day 2 event.

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