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Canadian Trials Initiative

On September 25th the Canadian team of Kevin Cordy (Vertigo), Sam King (Beta) and Alex Walton (TRS) represented Canada at the Trials des Nations in Italy. The team had a follow up meeting to discuss what went well and what we could improve on in the future. The number one thing that REALLY went well was the support from the Canadian Trials community! There had been criticism in the past that there may be people who do not strive to represent Canada at the TdN because of the associated cost to attend. So it is just fantastic to see the riding community getting behind the sport with such strong support over the last 2 years which is leading to more and more riders being strongly encouraged to “go for it”!

As with any sport it takes an enormous amount of time and energy to be the best in the country. The fact that the team is receiving the kind of support they are from the riding community truly helps fuel their efforts to succeed at the National and International level of our sport. This year the team was able to raise $18,000 from over 70 individual supporters! This combined with bike support from the Canadian distributors of Beta, Vertigo, TRS and Scorpa , plus gear support from Mountain Motorcycles and Jitsie meant that all of the riders costs were covered this year. In addition to minder Steve Day we had minders Alan Vidal and Jean Felix in Europe that brought additional support from Ancelle and Dherby which was invaluable. A special thanks also goes out to Trystan Hart for donating a jersey to help with our fund raising and to the special anonymous trials rider who donated $2,000 to the team followed by an additional $2,000 for “celebrating” the team’s success.

The team just wanted to once again say Thank You to all of the riding community for its support!!!

If you are or have an interest in being part of the Canadian Trials community we would really appreciate your input in the current Canadian Trials survey which can be found at this link:

Additional information can be found on the Canadian Trials Initiative Facebook page: Canadian Trials Initiative | Facebook.

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