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MINI ROAD RACING Q200 (b) Machine Classes NewMotard +GP + Reason Creation of a class above Motard/Formula GP to take advantage of new inexpensive and widely available smaller displacement Sport bikes and Dirt bikes. (CBR250, Ninja zx250 crf250r etc). Suggested names are for the sake of discussion. Rules would be a direct copy of the Motard/GP rules with exception of displacement limits. Q201 (l) Machine Specifications NewMotard +Minimum 150cc 4 stroke liquid cooled / Maximum 250cc 4 strokeMinimum 100cc 2 stroke / Maximum 150cc 2 strokeGP +Minimum 150cc 4 stroke liquid cooled / Maximum 250cc 4 strokeMinimum 100cc 2 stroke / Maximum 150cc 2 stroke Q201 (a) Youth Change(i) maximum 70cc air cooled 4 stroke engines TO maximum 73cc air cooled 4 stroke engines Reason Class would be more inclusive to available motorcycles (Honda CRF70 displacement @ 72cc etc) Q201 (g) Spec Thunder Change(xi) 10” to 19” wheels allowedDelete(xiii) Reason Align with Spec Supersport/Open up the class to more appropriate and safer tires. This wheel change is also required in all cases to allow the rule (xiv) 1.4 Drum Brake systems may be upgraded to Disc Brakes. Q201 (h) Formula Thunder Change(ii) ….maximum 200cc single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke engines TO maximum 150cc single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke engines. Reason Lower the limit to 150cc and move the larger displacement air cooled bikes into the amended Motard class below. Q201 (i) Motard Change(ii) to readMinimum 65cc 2 stroke liquid cooled / Maximum 105cc 2 strokeMinimum 140cc air cooled 4 stroke / Maximum 200cc air cooledMinimum 125cc liquid cooled 4 stroke / Maximum 150cc liquid cooled Reason There is currently no maximum liquid cooled 4 stroke cc limit as the rule is written. The common acceptable displacement is 150cc liquid cooled. Also no air cooled limit set air cooled 4 stroke to 200 cc.

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