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The Canadian Motorcycle Association has a long history. We will celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2016. It has taken hundreds, if not thousands of people, all passionate about motorcycling, to create, build and maintain the integrity of our mandate which is to foster and build motorcycling in Canada for the benefit of motorcyclists, and to encourage responsible use of motorcycles in society.

Occasionally there has been and will continue to be, individuals who have issues about control, personal grudges or a personal gain agenda, who decide to wage a campaign against the CMA. The personal gain objective is quite easy to identify while the other reasons are not always clear. Sometimes these people will recruit supporters who don’t always understand the background or reasoning behind what they are being persuaded to support.

The CMA has long adhered to an unwritten policy of not responding to the insinuations, statements taken out of context, and fabrication of situations attributed to our association. It has been our choice not to contribute to such platforms becoming more than a base for a brief flurry of controversy.

Most of the time this has been the right decision. Occasionally it has resulted in actual harm being done to the long term health of the particular CMA discipline being targeted. In those cases we should have spoken out.

The sport of Trials is going through a difficult phase almost everywhere in the world, even at the top level within the FIM. This is not the time for mischievous or malicious attacks on the efforts of the folks who care, and who are doing their very best to reverse the downward spiral of this very special activity. It is certainly not the time to deliberately spread mistruths about the structure of the FIM the world governing body, and its member federations.

The Mission of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) reads as follows: “The FIM is the governing body for Motorcycle sport and the global advocate for Motorcycling”.

Membership is composed of: a) Affiliated members (FMNs), and b) Associated Members

Every FMN (National Federation) accepted as an Affiliated Member of the FIM shall be the sole organization in its own country entitled to exercise the powers of the FIM as defined in the Statutes, the By-Laws, the Sporting Code and the regulations of the FIM.

There can be just one FMN per country. There are no separate member categories for individual disciplines.

The Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) is the Canadian FMN accepted by the FIM and this has been the case since the middle of the last century.

The only national and regional championships organized in Canada which are recognized by the FIM are those sanctioned and identified as CMA Championships.

Those who would have you believe otherwise are simply not telling you the truth.

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