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Join us and travel through time with Greg Hancock, FIM Environmental Ambassador, and his son Karl, the stars of this story, who guide us through events since 1992 when a group of visionary people at the FIM formed the first Environmental Working Group. Watch the video and discover the key milestones and most thrilling moments of the programme such as the first Environmental Code, the partnership with UN Environment, and the Women + Sustainability conference held in Jerez in 2015.

This video was produced under the direction of the FIM Sustainability Commission Director Kattia Juárez by a Salvadoran production company specialising in animated videos, made up of experienced and talented “millennials” who transformed this story into an entertaining visual work.

Kattia Juárez Dubón, FIM Sustainability Commission Director: “We wanted to tell the tale but in a different way. We know that the core business of the FIM is sport, at the same time FIM is convinced that sustainability is a fundamental pillar for the future of our sport. Storytelling is one of my favourite techniques for sustainability communication, and telling this kind of story represents a new challenge for me every time. In sustainability, as Elmer Wheeler, one of the best salesmen ever, once said, we must “sell the sizzle not the steak”, and to “sell” sustainability in our sports world, we need to engage our audience. I am very happy to have worked with Modjo Studios, who did a great job, and would like to thank our FIM Ambassadors for always helping us to sell the “sizzle”.

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