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The FIM Board of Directors met for its fourth meeting of the year in Andorra-la-Vella on Thursday 23 November 2017 ahead of the FIM General Assembly on Saturday and the new-style FIM Awards ceremony on Sunday.

From left to right: Steve AESCHLIMANN (FIM CEO), Jos DRIESSEN (FIM Board Member), Andrzej WITKOWSKI (FIM Vice-President), Wan Zaharuddin WAN AHMAD (FIM Asia President), Nasser Khalifa AL ATYA (FIM Deputy President), Pedro VENTURO (FIM Latin America President), Vito IPPOLITO (FIM President), Glen WILLIAMS (FIM Oceania President), Wolfgang SRB (FIM Europe President), Marco COMANA (FIM Africa President), Jorgen BITSCH (FIM Board Member), Jacques BOLLE (FIM Board Member), Jorge VIEGAS (FIM Board Member), Marilynn BASTEDO (FIM North America President) Photo Credit – Good-Shoot.

FIM President and Governance Committee Chair Mr Vito Ippolito updated the Board on the consultation process concerning concept of Regions (amendment to Article 12.6.1 of the FIM Statutes to come into effect in 2019 if approved by the FIM GA) and various measures to improve the operational effectiveness of the FIM. Feedback had been received from the FMNs and CONUs and a Workshop was scheduled on 24 November with the FMN and CONU representatives present in Andorra.

Strategic Plan Board Committee Chair Mr Jorgen Bitsch presented the results of the follow-up survey of FMNs regarding satisfaction with FIM services, the FMNs’ priorities and the role and development of the FIM. Education and communication emerged as areas of particular focus for the future.

Following reports from the Presidents of the six FIM Continental Unions (FIM Africa, FIM Asia, FIM Europe, FIM Latin America, FIM North America, FIM Oceania), the FIM CEO Mr Steve Aeschlimann introduced the Management’s reports on the three strategic pillars of the FIM’s management: Sports, Programmes (beyond sport) and making the FIM a more modern organisation.

Following the report of the FIM Sports Director, Mr Fabio Muner, the Board discussed the situation of various FIM sports disciplines (SuperMoto, Enduro,Trial & X-Trial, Speedway, Ice speedway and FreeStyle MX). The Board approved the creation of an FIM Speedway of Nations event from 2018 subject to ratification by the upcoming GA.

The CEO updated the Board on the FIM Programmes (Sustainability, Women in Motorcycling, Road Safety and Public Affairs and Touring and Leisure).

The FIM Sustainability Commission is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and a book “25 Years Riding Green” has been published to mark this important milestone.

The Women in Motorcycling Commission received a large number of applications for the third edition of the FIM Women in Motorcycling Award.

A major Road Safety Campaign “We the Riders” will be rolled out in 2018.

The Touring and Leisure Commission will be pursuing its expansion of the FIM Touring events programme in 2018. A number of amendments to the FIM Code for Touristic Gatherings, overhauled in 2017, were approved by the Board.

The FIM’s new Programmes Director Mr Damiano Zamana, was introduced to the Board members. Mr Zamana served for many in the Italian army (NATO, EU and Italian Armed Forces General Staff) and has been Director of the FIM Touring and Leisure Commission since 2012.

The 2017 Year-end financial Forecast was presented to the Board.

The FIM Deputy CEO Mr Richard Perret updated the Board on the Corporate Services, Medical, Legal and Commercial matters.

New partnerships have been signed for the FIM’s flagship events, sporting (ISDE) and non-sporting (FIM Awards).

The Board approved several changes to the FIM Medical Code.

A number of changes to the FIM Statutes & By-Laws relating to governance were approved for presentation to the upcoming FIM General Assembly following the Workshop to be held tomorrow, Friday.

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