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I’m pleased to announce the latest appointment to the TAC. It’s important that we have representation from ALL parts of Canada’s Trials community.

Those of us from the Western side of the country are familiar with Jacek Jablonski, and I know that his passion and hard work are going to be a real asset to our committee! After reading his profile, and then having a chance to work with him, it will be evident to the other TAC members why he will be the perfect Rep for the province of Alberta.

Steve Fracy Chairman CMA-TAC


My name is Jacek Jablonski and I am the father of three (actually four, if you include myself). This is a short description of events from my life in chronological order:

• 1989: at the age of 15 I rode for “PKS Debnicki” in Cracow, Poland. I was riding on a variety of trials bikes including Simson 50cc; custom made Trials Bike with Simson engine 50cc; Honda 50cc; and Yamaha Ty 250cc. During this time our club won twice the team championship in Poland. This winning was the effort of the entire crew and team members. I was happy to be a part of the championships even though I do not think I really contributed to the win. I rode against Wojtek Blazusiak and saw his little brother ripping through the creek on his 50cc enduro bike – the future legend “Polish Fury”, Tadek Blazusiak.

• 1989-1994: My trials idol at that time was seven time World Trials Champion, Jordi Tarres – I saw him at least 3-4 times during World Rounds FIM in Poland.

• 1992: at age of 17, I was asked to be a minder during one of the Trials World Round FIM for the former Polish Champion in Styszow, Poland. This was an incredible experience.

After 3 years of continuous fun in trials, I was forced to stop riding for almost 13 years due to lack of funds and other long life goals:

• 1992-2001: graduation from High School – Mechanical profile 5 years; College of Physiotherapy 2,5 year; and University – Academy of Physical Education faculty in Physiotherapy 4 years

• 2001-2005: further education and work – 2 years Chicago, USA; 2 years London, UK.

• 2005: I immigrated to Canada where I evaluated my MSc Physiotherapy diploma. I lived in Mississauga and Hamilton before I moved to Red Deer at the end of 2007.

• 2008- present: I have been riding in expert class on a variety of bikes: Betas: Rev 3, Evo 2009, 2010, 2011, GASGAS factory 2012, Sherco 2014 and presently on Scorpa Factory 20-ty 2015. I have some medals and rewards from Alberta, British Columbia, and US INTA/PNTA but I have to admit that trials for me isn’t about getting trophies. Trials is more than competition – it is a challenge, overcoming my weaknesses, and constantly aiming for perfection.

Other very important dates:

• 2012: I helped to organize two successful Ryan Young courses in Alberta and BC.

• 2013: I assisted my colleague, Garrett Smith, in organizing the Ray Peters course in Alberta. • 2013: I helped to organize a four day round Alberta Championship in Red Deer (Alberta Challenge) with my team colleagues and Steve Foord from SGC.

• 2014 was a turning point in my trials career: I was invited by Ryan Young to the Tennessee Trials Centre where I attended a 2 day course and rode on Team Sherco bike. I had the chance to observe and learn how the Ryan Young training/ programs work for teenagers and Team Sherco. I also started to be involved in Ryan Young schools in Washington under the INTA umbrella with the help from my friend, President Keith Rutledge.

• The end of the 2014 was also very important: My fellow Albertan riders and I noticed the need for change in the provincial trials approach. There needed to be regular training, family involvement, and a positive and friendly atmosphere to attract new riders. As a result, we established Moto Trials Group of Alberta with our own website and Facebook page. Our MTGA group welcomes anyone who is interested in trials. MTGA organizes summer and winter practices and freestyle riding. Other than the rental fee, the practices are at no cost. I would like to stress that our MTGA has been successful as a result of the hard working people involved in this group. This was only possible due to collaboration, friendship and the generosity of our fellow riders. Simply saying, MTGA is the success of many dedicated individuals.

• 2014-2015: During this winter season and against all odds, the new established MTGA started regular winter practices that steadily received increased recognition.

• 2015/2016: Winter season gets even more attention and a positive response.

Future projects:

MTGA is organizing a virgin voyage in March 2016 to Jordi Pascuet Off Road Centre in Spain. We are planning to attend a 4 day trials course and explore Spain and possibly France during our voyage. We are also hoping to open new possibility for our colleagues in the future and start some form of cooperation.

By accepting the TAC position I would like to take part and be a voice for my colleagues. In effect I/we will hopefully help shape the Observed Trials in Canada through proper training, support, collaboration, honesty, and true friendship. I and my fellow riders would like to see more of foreign riders and trials trainers here.

I would like to promote every opportunity to travel abroad to different centres – to experience culture and their training techniques.

I wish that one day Canadian Observed Trials will become so strong that at least one of the top positions in Worlds Rounds will belong to a North American rider. I would love to be part of establishing affordable training for children. I and many of my colleagues believe that kids are our future in establishing a strong and proud Canadian Observed Trials.

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