2021 CMA Board Members

The 2021 Board Members of the CMA have been announced, and include the following appointments:

  1. Zone 1, British Columbia  –  Joseph Godsall  –  Mandate 2021

  2. Zone 2, Alberta  –  Scott Hewgill  –  Mandate 2021

  3. Zone 3, Saskatchewan / Manitoba  –  Derek Thomas  –  Mandate 2022

  4. Zone 4, Ontario  –  Hugh Lim  –  Mandate 2022

In addition, the Board Officers have changed as follows:

  1. President:  Hugh Lim

  2. Vice President:  Derek Thomas

  3. Treasurer:  Vera Godsall

The role of Secretary continues to be incorporated in the duties of the CEO. The acting CEO for 2021 is Holly Ralph.

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