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Canadian Motorcycle Association

Competition Membership Registration

Competition Membership Info

As a competition member you will be joining a group of riders competing in sanctioned events that follow the international standard of the FIM governing body for competition and safety. CMA competition is the gateway to international competition at the highest levels throughout the world. By following the FIM standards and being the only officially sanctioned FIM governing body in Canada, as a competitor, you are allowed to represent Canada internationally in FIM events.


Become A Competition Member

First fill our our online Membership Registration form below, once submitted you will be redirected to complete payment online. 

To request a paper copy of the membership application mailed to you please contact CMA directly. 

Note: To complete the competition membership application in French please download a pdf copy at this link.   You can also download the English copy at this link, as a PDF to print and mail to us.

Do you have a question? We can help! 

Competition Membership Registration

Section: Special Notes
Please read before completing application
  1. Unless otherwise indicated in brackets ( ), Minimum age is 13 on the birthday of the rider.

  2. Licence Fee - $85.00

  3. Youth Class Trials (5-10) Licence Fee - $45.00

  4. Youth Mini Road Racing (6-15) Licence Fee - $45.00

  5. After September 1, 2024 Licence Fee for 2023 becomes $45.00 for all categories.

  6. Deadline for retention of numbers: December 31, 2023. Numbers will be issued from January 1, 2024 on a first come basis.

  7. All Licences expire December 31, 2024. Fees include membership & taxes.

  8. Youth Riders who qualify age-wise may also be eligible for the Novice or Intermediate Class (Check rule book for conditions).

  9. Riders who wish to be endorsed for AMA Pro Licences or to obtain an FIM Licence (except Youth class riders) must have Expert / Pro status. Eligibility is at discretion of CMA office.

* Youth are Under 18 Years of Age (19 in British Columbia)

For youth member applications, both the applicant and their parent or legal guardian are required to provide information and signatures in order to complete this application. 

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